What is Morrissey's best closing line?


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Has this been done before?

What is your favourite closing line of a song?

My contender, I Will See You in Far Off Places

"Looking to the camera, messing around and pulling faces."


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hmmm, maybe "reason and freedom is a waste - it's a lot like life", from "I've Changed My Plea to Guilty"


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This isn't in one of his songs but I like it. I think he said it in concert. "Thank you from the heart of my bottom".


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"This is the last song I'll ever sing
Oh no, I've changed my mind again
Goodnight and thank you"


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One winner here................"You are gonna miss me when I am gone"

says it all really i think


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"....take people from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, just spare me!" :D love this line (btw i have nothing against Pennsylvanians).


maybe not the best, but worth a mention

And here I am!
Well, you don't need to look so pleased

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My favorite closing line from a concert was in Las Vegas, December 1999, right before the encore he says “Thank you. I’ll be at the bar if anybody fancies a rum and coke” and then the drums starts to pound the intro to “Last Night I Dreamt…..”

Good stuff. I have this show on CD somewhere… I should dig it out. Good tour. (unlike this one which is turning out to be a real mess, it seems)

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"And when you want to live
how do you start?
Where do you go?
Who do you need to know?"

I always thought that summed up best the sense of longing inherent in most of Morrissey's lyrics....
Either the simple but wonderful..."There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"...it always make me think of Morrissey and Marr and how their legacy shall always survive. I also think "truly I do love you, wherever you are"...simply beautiful!

Love PTxx.


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hmmm, maybe "reason and freedom is a waste - it's a lot like life", from "I've Changed My Plea to Guilty"

Oh yes... and in that same vein, (from Angel) I love you more than life (repeat 4x, exhale :p)

Also, (Suedehead) It was a good lay ;) and (Driving your girlfriend home) and we’re shaking hands goodnight so politely.
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