What is currently your favorite television show(s)?

At least those acts were per episode and not in crammed and shoddy 40 odd minute.


that's not strictly true, now, is it!

Even 50 years ago, children were encouraged to use their brains with Hartnell.


but they definately had better Doctors back then.


and it all went to pot in 1989. ;)
all caught up on my "Doctor Who" and well, I think I am finally warming to Matt Smith as the Doctor :eek:
could be because Jenna-Louise Coleman seems to bring out the best in him :o

anyways, now its time to dl GofT, Mad Men and Orphan Black :guitar:

that's not strictly true, now, is it!

Pretty much. Most Doctor Who episodes are around 45 minutes long and there hasn't even been a two-parter in this series.

Anyway, you've just reminded me using Troughton that I'm waiting for The Ice Warriors to be released. I can't wait! Ice Warriors debut as a full story! :D
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Sorry to double post, but did anyone enjoy the latest David Bowie documentary? I thought it could have been longer and covered more of his career. But it was decent.
I'd watch this.

I've come to the conclusion that no matter how much I try, I will never be able to appreciate Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'm very sorry Trekkies, but it's seems more like a soap opera in space. For most of the episodes they sit around a table and talk about what they are going to do.
I've just finished watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I mean WTF.
I've just finished watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I mean WTF.

Everyone keeps saying that. What the hell happened? :squiffy: I don't watch it nor have I read it, but I know the basic premise. There's a king and a dwarf and a dragon lady and lots of f***ing. Can you put a few sentence summary in
I've just finished watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I mean WTF.

Here's a reel of people reacting to it. I think I get the jist. Yikes.

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The basic idea is, there are 4 factions with a claim of differing sorts to the throne of a mythical land. The bad guys who actually sit on the throne, the main rivals from the north of the country, then 2 other smaller (story wise) claimants. The family from the north get most of the screen time so for 3 series have pretty much been stars of the show.

In the episode in question while attending a wedding the northerners where all killed, mother, son, pregnant wife the full shooting party, the shock was they pretty much wiped out the stars of the show all of them, it was very dramatic and unexpected.
Bye Bye Matt Smith! :D

and I was just getting use to him :o

I've just finished watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I mean WTF.
the "Red Wedding" oh god, I am remember reading this when I was in Georgia and freaking out! :eek:
my host family thought there was something wrong with me, like I was hurt or something, I just kept saying over and over again things like:
"I can't believe it, I can't believe it!" & "He really killed them, he really killed them!"
the show did the book justice, maybe even improved on it with killing his pregnant wife
but last night I watched:

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A spot-on spoof of GIRLS were it to run 38 seasons. I have a feeling this might've destroyed Lena Dunham's weekend a little bit.

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Bookstore humor. (We used to mess with stacks like this all the time. Our boss would shake his head and say "You know better!" then walk away grinning. :D)

I'm finally catching up with Breaking Bad, so..............

Watching a Louie marathon. All my friends kept saying "WATCH LOUIE!" They were right, love the guy. It's like a sweet darkness.

so a few weeks after getting to China I found this Chinese "internet add on"* :confused: which allowed me to watch all sorts of Western TV
and by watching the last episode of "Mad Men" I found that I was watching about 20 hours a week on it :eek:
which meant that basically I was working, eating, sleeping, occassionally going out & spending the rest of my time watching TV :(
that had to stop, and it has, I feel so much better for it in so many ways! :thumb:
having said that, I will treat myself to watching the final episodes of "Breaking Bad" once "summer school" ends in September :)
perhaps even convince someone I have met here to watch it with me :blushing:
will see, that all seems far away now

ps: yes, I do still watch some TV, but only in Chinese and sometimes with someone translating for me :o

*=its called "PPT" I think
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