What in your opinion is the darkest Morrissey song?



What in your opinion is the darkest Morrissey song?

For me it has to be Spring-Heeled Jim that song oozes with darkness, something about that opening creates a sense of dread and the lyrics really paint a vulgar picture of the Jim character. I think it is also one of his best songs.

Smiler with knife and The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils are also up there for me


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I agree with all the songs you mentioned, but I would definitely add 'Ambitious Outsiders' and 'You've Had Her'

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In a literal sense: Sorrow Will Come In The End as it is directed at one specific person with basically a death threat.
In the romantic sense: The More You Ignore Me, Seasick, Youngest Was The..., Lifeguard Sleeping...
Subject to change - probably hourly :)


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Ambitious Outsiders
Suffer Little children
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle


I wasn’t really counting smiths songs but yeah suffer little children would be one

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Gotta be Asleep, though? Or The Hand...? Or probably Suffer... But if I have to choose from his solo stuff I'd go with...Mountjoy or Oboe Concerto, lyrics wise.

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Dear God Please Help Me

Dear God, did this kind of thing happen to you?
Now I'm spreading your legs
With mine in-between
Dear God, if I could I would help you

Oh my God,did he want to have sex with God?What a darkest song.

I Have Forgiven Jesus

Do you hate me?, Do you hate me?, Do you hate me?, Do you hate me?, Do you hate me?

Maybe Jesus hate him because he wants to have sex with is Father.What a dark thing.


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The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye; November Spawned a Monster, I'm The End of The (Family) Line...

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Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed

Life is nothing much to lose.

I sometimes cry when listen to this song,as it's a sad story.Only Morrissey can make those lirycs.
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