What happened to scanty bit of a thing?

A scanty bit of thing

I only have eyes for youuuuuu, Aztec!
Ok you guys. K-Ket, gracias! That rap song is def one of my favorites, and it is def on FI-YAH!

Cala-butt, ok. TRUTH here. :( Ready? I do not know if your song was FI-YAH or not yet, because I do not support that guy's choice of footwear. I mean like, what IS that? Tevas, or something? I am not down with that shit. Was he trying to be in Phish before or something? And maybe the footwear and hair are left over from that???

As we can all see, I am sometimes easily distracted. I do not support this guy's choice of footwear and I am therefore now going to have to listen to this song again with my eyes closed.

Also, I did what you advised me not to do Cala, and I did not break it up, and I listened to it all in one single go. :straightface:

This is because I also never do what I'm told. :(

Not gonna lie, I definitely have some REGERTS in my life, that are usually all related to whenever I seem to keep doing that, over and over again

A scanty bit of thing

I only have eyes for youuuuuu, Aztec!
Sorry to say but if Aztec was gonna come kick it here in this cake thread for awhile I feel like my week would really be taking a turn for the up and up!!!

A scanty bit of thing

I only have eyes for youuuuuu, Aztec!
That guy is seriously so f***ing fat cala what the even f***. And also I was NEVER gonna go back to listen to that terrible song ever again :lbf: After I listened to it I was like maybe cala feels :crazy: today, and then I had to scroll up and watch LaToya again just to rinse my eyeballs out really fast

Also his friend is a fat midge too!! NO MORE CAKE FOR ANY OF THESE BLUBBER UGLIES!

And from now on people need to apply for approval for their choice of footwear at the door of this thread

A scanty bit of thing

I only have eyes for youuuuuu, Aztec!

And when Karl :love: starts to speak to me like that, and WITH THAT MOUTH:love: , I MELT into a pool of stupefied Karl-love!



A scanty bit of thing

I only have eyes for youuuuuu, Aztec!
OH LOOK!! I turn my back for ONE single millisecond, distracted by the man with the nice arms and with a VERY dubious twinkle in his eye,... and suddenly I come back to, ONLY THE HOTTEST f***ING THREAD THIS PLACE HAS EVER SEEN. Yeah, calm down people.

But, the hottness is real. My HEARTEYES couldn't get any bigger, even if I TRIED. Are you kidding me? KIM GORDON doing Addicted to Love, then KLF, then Laura Brannigan, then PETER SCHILLING?

Wait sorry, I haven't gotten any further yet, even to so much as scroll down, ... because you had me at Peter Schilling.

Sooooo!! Going by this little drive-by that you left for me, imma guess that I had some stuffs wrong all along!!?!!

Because it turns out that your name CALA or even Cala-lily :love: is NOT short for "Calamine Lotion", but is actually short for how f***ing MUY CALIENTE this thread is!!!! :love::love:

So, listen. Debbie and Grace and everyone are actually gonna be happy as all get-out to hear this, because they had uch higher hopes for us anyway. But the thing is, M-SOLOW MJ ROBOT MOVES PAR-TAYYYY at my house, is CANCELLED! Sorry.

Because the thing is, even in the first place, I LITERALLY honestly, honest-to-god posted somewhere here on this site, I can't remember where now, and I was like "I ONLY agree to this, if Brummers McScrummers does my door!" To keep all the riff-raff out!! Anyway! There was no word back on that ever, so,.... party's OFF!!! Done. Finito! o_O

BUT!!! There's a NEW PLAN in town!!
Cala-lily!! ME!! 'n' YOU!! 'n' KARL!! 'n' WHITNEY!! and Baptiste!! AND YOU, AZTEC!!!! :love: We are all going on a SUPER f***ING MUY CALIENTE weird double date together, to Maxim's.

We are all wearing our custom made dressing gowns. We are all gonna drop 'em like they're hot. And after that, what happens at Maxim's, stays at Maxim's. OR so I'm told.



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