What does Julia Riley do for a living?


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Has anybody ever wondered what the hell does Julia Riley do for a living if she dedicates her life to follow (stalk, as you wish) Morrissey througout the world in every single show he plays. I mean... If I were gazillionaire I'd do the same.... So the question is: Is she rich? Is she sponsored by Morrissey himself? How the hell does she afford all those flights, hotels, tickets...

There's no way that someone who has a regular job or studies at college can do that because of the lack of time and of course the lack of money so the only answer I can have for this is that, while on tour, she calls regularly every month her daddy and says: "Hey Dad, I need a new deposit in my account" otherwise how can she dedicate her life to do anything else but just go from country to country to see Moz??

I mean... Do you know how she makes it? What's the formula? The only thing I can think of is that she's filthy rich.. Don't you wonder the same? And I guess she's old enough to have started working long time ago, so my theory strengthens and the only way I can think she's able to afford all this is that rich Daddy gives her all the money, while she does nothing... Life's unfair, huh? Hahahaa... Snif..


Threads about Julia are too boring.
But I always check them out! :eek:
Welcome, Ceci! Celia.... as S&G would sing...
I can't be bothered to read the whole thread about Julia, but I do wonder where her money comes from. Somebody mentioned she was a widow?


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Hey!! Pervo! Chileno también??

Hey chica, hey Kewpie.. I'm sorry but this forum has grown a little too much and I didn't got to see that first thread... Anyway... The subject is intriguing!! How do you know Chica that she was a widow?? But as far as I know she's following MY MAN :p a lot long ago, so that would mean she got married being a teenager... I don't think so...

Well... Next time he comes to Santiago i plan to make these signs and hopefully get in the first 'crashing' row and get him to talk to me... But if he ever dare to name Julia... I'm gonna be mad... And sad... Anyway, if I get to see her here, I'll be straight forward and ask her how the hell she does.

I wonder... I'm sure that she must be very jealous and protective of other fans trying to get the same attention or same access to Morrissey that she has... I'm sure that she wouldn't like it a bit if any of us starts to be as close as her to our Moz. Don't you think? I don't think she would like to "share him".

Chica... I'm Cecilia, just like the Simon and Garfunkel song :D Although I'm faithful...


Puddle mentioned that she was a widow here, but I don't know if he was serious... It's good that you're faithful, today we had an emergency situation because of an unfaithful woman. They can really break hearts. It's not good.


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The discount Julia Riley

I believe it would be more interesting to inquire into the affairs of one Winnie Wong, since she lives in the chatroom of this site. And since she is an obnoxious ass who never stops boasting.

Julia, as best I know, doesn't address people as "plebs."


Someone posted here a couple years ago she was a widow and it just stuck in my head. it seemed convincing at the time. Other people seem to know her better who also posted here at around that time and they were talking (but with all the trolls, who knows what is true anymore). Those people who somewhat know Julia don't seem to be here anymore.

Why would Julia have to have been married as a teenager? she's old isn't she. i mean, relatively speaking. She only started show-stalking morrissey in mid 90s sometime. perhaps late 90s. I've seen her after shows passing out flyers. she's old enough to be a widow. Could anyone out there confirm any of this?


Puddle, were you standing outside Radio City Music Hall on the second night (Sunday, I believe) in 2004 talking to Julia after the show? If not, maybe that was someone else, but this whole time I've thought it was you...


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Well, according to the images I've seen of her she didn't seemed that old to me... But doing numbers thinking when she started to follow Morrissey, yeah... I guess she must be in her mid (or late?) thirties probably, which makes her absolutely "qualified" to be a widow... Mmmm... Here's the malicious jealous comment, haha: So if all this story is true we could perfectly say that she lost a man and with the money he left her, she started chasing another man :p hahaha... Don't hate me... Dark humor...

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Can we please give all this Julia stuff a rest. Jealousy really will not get any of us anywhere!
To be quite honest, if I had all that money I would spend it in other ways. Devout Morrissey fan that I am, I still think it's all a bit stalkerish of Julia and a bit infantile of us to keep going on about it and musing as to what she looks like, is worth, had for her breakfast etc.


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But you see that stalkerish and all, Morrissey cares for her, has her in his guest lists for concerts, talks to her all the time, communicates directly with his audience just through her and her site and thanks her in his albums... So I just wanted to know what's her formula!! Tons of money inherited? A patient spoiling rich daddy??

Just tell me it's not intriguing how someone (anyone) could possibly afford not to WORK a minute in life and being able to follow an artist across the world and doing nothing else in life than that... My big question and curiosity goes about how can any human being afford something like that, besides the obvious guess of being a millionarie. Maybe the answer was another one, but I see that nobody really knows the real truth here... Just that.

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Bah. Julia.

And as far as the 'old enough' to be a widow thing. I am 22, my husband is serving in Iraq. I could become a widow tommorow.
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