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by Robert Leedham, Drowned in Sound


...This tradition was (sort of) started by Buzzcocks' Spiral Scratch EP but popularised by The Smiths - an occurrence which is wholly ironic given the band spent a large proportion of their time of Rough Trade moaning about being on Rough Trade. (Citation needed? See ‘Frankly Mr Shankly’ or the interminable bits of Morrissey’s autobiography)...


indie music in england means something way different than it did here in the u.s. in england it was a style and genre, here it just meant any type of music not backed by major labels. speaking for america that kinda changed in the mid nineties when indie labels started using majors for distribution or when majors create fake subsidiaries and pretend they were indies but really there parent company is doing all the real work financing.

on another note i keep typing friends forever to do the whole verification thing and its making me think of the song from saved by the bell where they form a band etc etc. song is like stuck in my head now and im blaming the solo site for it lol.
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