What do you think's gonna happen at Morrissey's birthday concert?

What do you expect to happen at Morrissey's 22nd May birthday concert?

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I think the least we can expect is Moz to play There is a Light in the encore. As mentioned elsewhere, I think there's a pretty good chance of Marr making an appearence...
Morrissey will cry because I didn't make the trip to Manchester after all? :) God damned panic attacks ruin everything.
We've had alain in drag, we've had tuxedoes, we've had preists,we've had sailor suits the only difference for this show is is tomorrow we'll have some ladyboy telling us how astronauts have always turned him on ,and how fabulous it was to see moz and the boys dressed as the crew of Apollo 12.
Hehe, I've been thinking that for ages :D

the crowd will probably sing happy birthday to moz,they did in hull on the 19th,and he said are you singing that to me or boz?it was boz,s birthday that night.they were brilliant and played a vast set of old smiths and new songs off refusal and a few random suprise songs,which was nice.my fave was this charming man and the encore,first of the gang to die.the crowd went wild.:thumb:
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