What Do You Think To- One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This?

I found this latest New York Dolls album in the record library in central Leeds. I hardly go in there but when I do I sometimes find things of interest, I really like the album and rate tracks like 'Dance Like a Monkey' and 'I Ain't Got Nothin'' as really great songs. Just wondering what the rest of you thought about the album, plus are the Dolls gonna tour anytime soon as I'd love to see them come to the UK? p.s. I also picked up Johnny Marr and the Healers "BOOMSLANG" which isn't bad but is hardly the best thing Johnny has done.


Dolls toured UK last October, unlikey to tour again in near future, but who knows?
The album is very good.
Cossy reported that he spotted Morrissey in the balcony at Dublin gig.
I went London gig and had a great time. :)
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