What do you think of Morrissey's new "Dude" t-shirt?

Check it out on his Merchandise store.

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Update January 30:
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Can you think of any pop star who has sullied their personal brand to such an irredeemable extent? Morrissey should reissue "Now I Am A Was" as a single and just call it a day.

E Scott

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He’ll be selling T Shirts with a picture of one of his turds floating in the toilet bowl next. Thewlis and Ketamine will be first in line for those. Then on here, Vegan will post some illegible shit and Puppet Prick will claim it’s Skinny’s
Yeah definitely floaters as I doubt Moz eats enough fibre.


I like it. It’s very much something I’d do myself. Think how nice it must feel for him to see him out there a bit at shows being worn by his fans the people he sorta connects with. Keeps the memory alive. Plus as a cat person it’s hard to see how I wouldn’t like the shirt. It’s funny

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I wonder how many hardcore fans left, would love to wear this shirt and find it quite reasonable to offer such a "product".


I take it you don’t do humour and btw I’m not always negative as per my comment yesterday about why would anybody give him shit about the passing of Tje person who played Fay Langton.

This T Shirt thing is another example of why I don’t like what he’s become, would you prefer it if I didn’t say what I think?

I think I speak for the majority when I say YES! Please do shut the feck up, you fecking lunatic.

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I wonder how many hardcore fans left, would love to wear this shirt and find it quite reasonable to offer such a "product".
I’m playing spot the oxymoron and there is as massive one in your post.

I’m also playing spot the moron, and I’ve found you.


Yeah, cashing in on your 'beloved' pet's death literally days after it dies is f***ing weird and tasteless. This really drives home the thought that there are some mental health issues going on here, besides NPD.




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I'm sure this is Sam's move, as Moz has given him complete, unfettered merchandise and web media production control. I don't care for 90% of what S.E.R. does and wish Moz would go back to using a professional marketing company, no matter the cost, he has the money for Christ's sake.


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I think it’s an adorable photo and t-shirt. I don’t need any more Moz shirts right now. It’d have been nice if the proceeds went to an animal shelter/rescue organization in Dude’s memory.


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Grumpy Cat is exploiting your pet for money. One wee t-shirt on your website is not.


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i find it interesting that his name is not printed on the t-shirt, unless it's on the back. have there been morrissey t-shirts without his name sold before?
dude mustve been a great cat and thats a sweet photograph of him.
And this was my second thought. Weird, doesn't say "Morrissey" Maybe on the back?
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