What could've been a masterstroke with "Israel"


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Agree with a lot you say here, Peppermint.

But not totally with this:

“ to me, he's just singing about the country from his own deep-seated point of self-interest (which is very typical of him). “

You could say, which I do, he is singing about the subject from his own deep-seated selffinterest. As you said.
But what is wrong with that?

He expressed HIS feelings and insights.
NOT feelings and insights from others which he has no affinity with.

He sings about the subjects he most likely knows the most about. That INCLUDES himself. Very honest and true to himself, anyways in this case.

Isn’t that the mission of an artist?

At the other hand I can’t think of any artist in “popular” music who tackled so many different subjects in his music and I doubt it is always only about him.

Almost sociological. He sings like it is all about him but I am not sure.
I got that feeling again listening to “Something Is Squeezing My Skull” about addiction to prescribed pills.

Can be totally from his own experience, the way he sings it, but it is a f***ing big issue destroying people all around the globe.

There are more instances, a lot.

Hi there QQQ. I think maybe I didn't express it very well. When I said he is singing about Israel from his own self-interested point of view, I didn't mean it as a slight. I was just explaining that I didn't think his motive was political, in reply to King Leer who saw a connection with his comments on BDS.

And you're right, his ability to continually look inside himself for inspiration has given us some outstanding music over the years. Self-absorption can be a good thing for artists, less so for human beings (and there are plenty of stories about this less appealing side of Morrissey).

I do think this narcissistic trait is part of what makes him special/awful. I have known a couple of narcissists and they were almost hypnotically charismatic, while at the same time being appallingly self-absorbed. When Morrissey sings it like it is all about him, that's because mostly it is. All his best songs are like this, in my opinion.


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But that is Jerusalem.
Trump may have a train station there named after him.

I call up on the Israeli government to rename the airport in Tel Aviv in Morrissey airport. He has the keys already. Does Trump have any keys of any city?

Morrissey airport?? Can you imagine the chaos, what with all the cancellations? :lbf:


Morrissey airport?? Can you imagine the chaos, what with all the cancellations? :lbf:

Frisky men frisked all day and night and loving it.

Moz arrives and sees the sign saying terminal and clears his throat out.
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