What concert/show are you going to go to next?

thanks for the reminder:guitar:

This counts, right? ;) :guitar:

yes it is nationwide although the nearest theater to me is in Wayne,PA about 30 minutes away..Its' my birthday week and my girl is a big Who fan..so win win!

;) I knew this would catch your eye. You're going to see it Monday too? I didn't realize it was nationwide. :) I'll think of you as I nosh on popcorn :guitar:
I just got tickets for 1 of 3 City and Colour shows I'll be going to in January. Nerve racking ticket purchasing processes. Haven't done that since last november for Moz! Yikes!

Anyway I'm VERY excited for these upcoming gigs. :guitar: He's kind of perfect in my eyes. :o
Went to see Sons & Daughters on Wednesday, next it's The Vaselines in December
Saw Brett Anderson last night in the "Piano Festival" in Tel Aviv, performing with our very own Aviv Geffen. Very special show in that it was a real small venue - about 350 people, and with unique musical arragements (e.g., string quartet). Here's a video of The Wild Ones (don't know how well you can hear the strings, oh well... Hopefully you won't hear Aviv's excuse for a singing voice either ;)).

madonna :D and an spanish singer called miguel bosè ,he`s one of my favourite singers :)
Tina Turner in january


Gary Moore in march


and Marc Almond also in march

Does the Francis Bacon exhibition count as a show? Tomorrow anyway.
i saw coldplay on sunday. Front Row!~ they were incredible as always:D
Echo & the Bunnymen at Liverpool Echo Arena next Thursday.

Then Barry Manilow at the Manchester Evening News Arena on 8th December.
I saw Jane's Addiction here in LA last night. Incredible! Beyond words!!

The Killers are doing a mini-concert in LA on Monday to tape the Jimmy Kimmel Show -- I have passes... and Coldplay on Tuesday. It's been a busy week.
I saw the Turner Prize exhibition too... A picture tells a thousand words, they say... well I can sum it up in two. "Don't bother."

How a bike stand made out of steel chrome constitutes art I dunno and I'm receptive to ideas. A bit. Then a film about the history of cats in cartoons...

Next show? In true Paul Calf style "The Steel City tour" Human League, ABC and Heaven 17. In Sheffield. A Sort of Homecoming?
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