What Beatles song would you like to see Morrissey do?


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Alot of people on here might say none which fair enough and I know Morrissey has never particularly liked The Beatles although I have read he admired a few of their songs.
Personally I would love to see him sing She’s leaving home I think he would do an incredible version of it.
Other mentions: I’m so tired, I me mine and Because.
" I'm so tired "
  • Morrissey, in a 1984 interview (source needed): "I won't deny that I like some of the Beatles songs... it's dramatically unfashionable to say that but I do. A lot of them I can't stand... so where does that leave us?"
  • In an interview given to journalist Len Brown, printed in his biography titled "Meetings With Morrissey": "Some bits of Sgt. Pepper... I really like 'A Day In The Life', 'Lovely Rita'. Obviously I'm a great Beatles fan."

Julia, just because it would annoy a lot of people, LOL
You can't deny that The Beatles deserve their place in history. Just as Morrissey will live forever, The Kinks, etc.
Beatles for Sale is usually what I listen to.
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