What are your top 10 favorite male singers?

Ed Kowalczyk (pre-1999)
Gene Ween
Mike Patton
Till Lindemann
Colin Meloy
Tim Freedman
C.W. Stoneking
Russell Mael
Nick Cave

Honourable mentions to Kevin, Martin, Chris Shinn, Grant Lee Phillips, Johnny Cash and Salif Keita
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John Grant
Patrick Wolf
Tom Waits
Nick Cave
Stuart Staples
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David Bowie
Julian Cope
Paul Haig
Bruce Dickinson
Stuart Murdoch
Ian Curtis

Then a whole slew of others. Not all of these are what I would consider great singers...but great singers don't necessarily make great music.
In no particular order:
Tim Buckley
Michael Stipe
Jeffrey Lee Pierce (The Gun Club)
Jim Morrison
David Thomas (Pere Ubu)
  1. Elliott Smith
  2. Jim Morrison (the doors)
  3. Rodriguez
  4. Morrissey
  5. Elvis Presley
  6. Bob Dylan
  7. Ian Curtis (joy division)
  8. Bruce Dickson (iron maiden)
  9. Robert Plant (led zeppelin)
  10. Kurt Cobain (nirvana)
Again, in no particular and for nonexistent god's sake, is not exhaustive:

David Bowie
Mark Lanegan
Jeffrey Lee Pierce
Elliott Smith
Lou Reed
Brian Eno
Bryan Ferry
Jacques Brel
Neil Tennant
No particular order:
-Morrissey (Shocking)
-David Tibet (An acquired taste, for sure. But I've learned to love his horrible talk-singing)
-Marc Bolan
-David Surkamp (Also and acquired taste. I don't know why I like effete, girly-voiced and nasally singers so much. First time I put that record on, I thought the singer was a chick)
-Klaus Nomi
-Benjamin Smoke (I like him better than Tom Waits, personally)
-Rozz Williams (Again, a terrible singer. But I'm a hopeless fanboy, so I find his queeny croak and utterly pretentious spoken tone very pleasing)
-Ronnie James (Motherf***ing) Dio
-King Diamond (Particularly in the old days of Mercyful Fate and his early solo albums)
-Russell Mael

Honorable mentions: Gavin and Guggi of Virgin Prunes. Hell, Dave-iD Busaras, too!
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David Bowie
Marvin Gaye
Scott Walker
Antony Hegarty
Tim Buckley
Nick Cave
David Sylvian
Ian Curtis
Tom Waits
Ian Read
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