What are your 3 favourite Morrissey lead-off singles?

Your favourite 3 Morrissey lead-off singles

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Now that we've all heard the Paris studio version, it will be interesting to see how it stands up compared to other lead-off singles.

To make the poll more interesting, you all have 3 votes.
I went with Alma Matters, You Have Killed Me and Paris.
We Hate It...

Love PTxx.
with passions like mine:rolleyes: i like all those songs. in fact the only singles i don't like are that dreadful interlude, ouija board, and the earls court "there is a light":)
1. Suedehead
2. Irish Blood, English Heart
3. The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
Suedehead (one of his greatest thing ever done)
Irish Blood, English Heart (His perfect coming back: raw, in your face)
You have killed me (naming all those spectacular people such as Pasolini, Visconti and Magnani. a stroy set in ROME, my how mesmerizing city)
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