What are you watching on YouTube right now?

The Chameleon

I'll watch that one next if I can find it. I also like to contemplate taking some of the journeys I've watched. Id like to find a journey that really grabs me and watch it a good few times on YouTube until I'm familiar with the landmarks, and then actually take the journey for real. It would be a bizarre experience like being in a waking dream. I find these virtual trips so relaxing and so intriguing. I watch them while listening to my favourite music (or challenging music so that I don't get bored) Surprisingly it's not always the most picturesque routes that interest me. It has more to do with the general 'feel' I get for a place, the architecture, the subtle lie of the land etc.... Architects and civil engineers are more than just designers, they're also responsible for the psychological wellbeing of the people they build for. They can make such a difference to the way people feel, in a relatively small space, but it all adds up to a bigger picture when different architectural styles work together in a town or city,.... or anywhere.
Yes the last one is great with all the tunnels. I put it on going to sleep. I was thinking about the people that made the tunnels and put the tracks down. I wonder if bears ever walk through them or if they know not to?

There is a place where I live where I have gone riding on my bike. It's north of town and the only way to cross the river there is over a railroad bridge but it curves on the other side and you can't really see that far up the tracks to tell if a train is coming. I've ridden over it a few times but it's always kind of tense. I think there is room to get out of the way of a train but it would be really close. So when the trains are speeding down the tracks in these videos I think about what's around the corner.
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