What are you watching on YouTube right now?


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this is hilarious. the little guy is so creepy whereas the girl is so innocent and idealistic. I love people with Williams syndrome (the girl).



team bougatsa
i really like this youtube channel. the guy who runs it is kind of cheesy (but nice) but all these people he finds seem like such beautiful souls. its really uplifting. anyway, there is something soooooo cute about this little boy and his little face. I just love him! I don't understand why he talks like that though since he just has a skin condition, but maybe there's something else to it.



Rewatching some older clips from Snowed in comedy tour which has been our yearly tradition for the past 10 years. Missed it this year for the first time ever due to a poor planning on my part. The early years included Craig Campbell who now lives in the UK and is one of the best stand up comedians out there.

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it's getting closer...
i think it was about 2-3 weeks ago that the first rescue flights from china landed in europe, and if i got that right, not all passengers were immediately put into quarantine.
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