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Trolling or not it’s pretty interesting. Interviews and docs on serial killers are extremely interesting. The re-enacted interviews with serial killers is what makes mindhunters so interesting

Ketamine Sun

Serial killers are so fascinating. I also like interrogation tapes. Look for Jodi Arias and Stephen McDaniel.

This is a famous case from the 1930's

yep. I'm sure Morrissey can be found at nights alone watching some of these, but then again, he is a 'creep'. ;):lbf:

' Dear hero imprisoned ....'



Johnny Marr guests on Andy Rourke's radio show
They talk about influences and JM suggests these songs.
David Bowie Suffragette City
Velvet Underground Run Run Run
Iggy Pop New Values
The Only Ones City of Fun
Brian Eno Needle In The Camel's Eye

Johnny Barleycorn

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My favourite President gives his greatest speech.

If you don’t have the time or inclination for the whole thing go to eleven minutes in and give him five minutes of your time.



Jim Jones is hard to defeat when it comes to serial killers. His lunacy remains unrivaled.
This man named Oskar who worked with economics was found dead with his wife and two daughters shortly after New Year.

They were dead in bed and he hanged himself so he probably killed them all or assisted it. They claim the daughters had a terrible disease but that doesn't seem to fit the view of neighbours although the school confirmed it.

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