What are you watching on YouTube right now?


Always crashing in the same car
My kid is watching some god awful Minecraft video with some oh so charming youtube wiener named Dan TDM. I think she's got a little crush on him. I know she likes his English accent. Thankfully she only gets 30 minutes after school and there's only about 10 of that left. Just look at this guy. Sheeesh.

hand in glove

40 percent papier mache
Scene that starts at 22:34 includes the line "he is a sick boy and should be treated." This and the subject matter suggest this film was probably an influence on the song "Southpaw."
Come Back To The Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean is about the reunion of a James Dean fan club in a small town in Texas where the movie "Giant" was filmed.
Thanks. Very interesting. I've seen this many times, but never thought about a connection.


little ones ...

So so sweet Ket.
I’ve seen a documentary « the secret life of cats” on TV a few weeks ago.
All the misconceptions people have about cats.

Otherwise, I filmed messanges, from birth to leaving of the nest. The nest had been built in my letterbox during Easter period in 2016. As soon as I saw the eggs, I left a message stuck on the box for the postman + a plastic sleeve on the wall to put the mail in. Well, no ! I found envelopes on the nest ! I waited for the postman the next day, I showed him and explained. I had to change the letterbox when the birds left. I had made contact with an ornithologist.
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