what are you eating right now


dude, that stuff will kill you
back on task;
im havin my breakfast now cuz i had to rush out early this morning
its fresh avocado, tomatos, jalepeno pepper monterey jack cheese
with salt&pepper on a heated flour tortilla
i will eat these until the avocado runs outs
which shall be after 3or4 tortillas
Sounds like you enjoyed your breakfast! :D

My light dinner (as I'm sick)

and strawberry yogurt


they taste surprisingly good together :confused:
I just made my housemates tea which they actually ate so I am feeling v pleased with myself (I have probs with soup..and I mean cuppa soup but this one time I tried to make leek and potato soup from scratch and it went all brown and sludgy and just looked like raw sewage and tasted as I'd expect sewage to)

And SO I am going to share my yummy recipe with you people. This is perfect hangover food

You will need!!:
8x Linda Mc Cartney veggie sausages (well, Quorn or wotever work as well, but they contain egg :eek: Whereas good ol' Linda's are vegan)
Like, a big panful of mashed potato!
2x tins baked beans
A big caserole dish or something. Something that'll go in the oven

1. Cook the sausages. Then cut them lengthways (you know, like they do in cafes)
2. Line the bottom of your caserole dish-thing with the sausages
3. Pour over the beans!
4. Cover with the mash
5. Stick in oven until mash is getting 'golden brown' on top

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heinz lentil soup with lots of bread.

to be followed by a bowl of rice krispies, bathed in warm milk, with loads of sugar.

to also be followad by a cup o' tea and a packet of digestive biscuits.

why the f*** would i share this information with anyone? i must be lonely.
Don't be lonely! Have a cuddle
I am scoffing a large, a very large bar of silky smooth Galaxy choccie, a tarty packet of lemon and lime jaffas and a whopping mug of tea while listening to First of the gang to die and talking complete nonsense on here:D
a robby egg quesadilla?

2 flour tortillas
my NON-patented mix of crushed garlic, diced tomatos, and ground cilantro
2 poached UNfertilized chicken eggs
some mozerella cheese around the edges
then i fryed the tortilla top&bottom
with whatever grease their was from yesterday's lunch/breakfast
Oh, I've had your sausage before HIM...very filling!
I'm going to have beans on toast (sad)
I've got a French stick, a block of Danish blue cheese & a bottle of red (from Italy), I'm a right global gastronome eh?


Grim (suaveness is me)
*francis baaaaacon dairy death 2 infidel dessert fat pigs fatfuckheaven food fruit future h'ween leftovers great thread kiwi-ownage meat meataint_murder nom nom nom time 4da season vegan vegetables vegetarian
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