what are you eating right now

not having it right now, but today I was in Zetsaponi and had a

"shawarma" :horny:
its a little hole in the wall run by 2 Turks, but after the bank, its my first stop whenever I go to town :)
My new favorite sandwich:

One slice of havarti cheese.
One slice of pepper jack.
Dijon mustard.
One big slice of sour dough bread folded in half with the cheese in the middle.

Strawberry with sugar and sour cream.

close, I have taken the formerly "fresh strawberries" from the refrigerator
mashed them up, spread them on some bread Ia made yesterday, sprinkled sugar on top
and am having it with a cup of tea
its great, but not perfect, for that I would need some cream for my milk...
about an hour ago:

the last of the strawberries heavily sprinkled with sugar and "ice coffee"
this much sugar and caffeine at one time has overwhelmed, just not use to it
time for a walk...
I guess people are eating less :confused: not me, I've got little better to do right now :o so

I've got some of this in my mouth, I have no name for it, but its filled with strawberries which is all the really matters :blushing:
That "ice coffee" looks like a beer, Robby. :p

I had rice crackers and cream cheese for breakfast.
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