what are you eating right now

Nothing. Because my c*** aunt is home. I get so much shit if I even CONSIDER going into the kitchen. But she just cooked herself a huge steak and I was all :( </3 Waaaaaaant. My stomach was all "Arrrrrrrggggggghhhhh rooooooaaaaaar" and she was all "I'm a f***ing boring 40-year-old-virgin c***bag hahaha Danielle should totally punch me in the face!"

I totally should.

Disclaimer: The snow plus hunger makes my temper flare.
I just ate most of a box of Cheez-its for dinner. :straightface: ANd it tasted so good. :p
sandwiches. lots of sandwiches. shouldn't be doing this because it's late. but I am nervous so I'm eating. somebody stop me :eek::squiffy:
Human meat. Yummm.

I might love you for that. :p
anyways, I am having a Robby breakfast extravaganza :yum:
there's eggs, bacon, hash browns, swiss cheese, tomato juice
its a lot of food, maybe too much :sick:

ps: this seems to happen everyday after groceries are delivered :cool:
& yes, I used reading my posts back in this thread to figure that out :eek:
I had a bag of Harry&David Pear Chips. They were tasty but if you had an imperfection in one, like a bit of the membrane from around the core - it was hard as a rock, so I had to watch out for those and take them out before eating the rest of the chip. And they sound like they should be healthy, but according to the label they really aren't. :lbf:
Saltine crackers
I had a turkey/artichoke/spinach/asiago sandwich on foccacia with a side of macaroni and cheese at Panera.
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