Question What are the "holy grail" unleaked tracks at this point in time that are likely to materialise?


Tempus Fugit
@Famous when dead, what would you say are the most likely candidates?

Kit is out there now.

I Know Who I Love
I'm Not Worth Hitting
Home Is A Question Mark (original Alain version with alternate lyrics)

On the next Maladjusted reissue, what do you think we can expect?
There are some great compilations and box sets to be released with all this stuff for sure, but as much as I love him, Morrissey should NOT be allowed anywhere near it 😂
Treat me like a human being must mean a lot to Morrissey but it’s a tuneless demo, why replace Ordinary Boys with it??
They could release an updated Hatful with only the BBC session stuff with the original Peel version of London, and another with Morrisseys Janice Long sessions etc.
I would be more than willing to sort this for him 😁

Don't forget about cutting the end of Late Night, Maudlin Street off!
Maybe Julie Hammill can force Jonny Bridgwood, to play his tape of unreleased Maladjusted demos during the annual Mozarmy meeting im Manchester.
I believe Alain's "I really like the original demo called "Home Is.." Not sure Moz felt he had quite honed in on the final lyrics. Shame as it had the potential to be a great song." is shorthand for 'just the tune was finished' (so may not be fully formed).
Plus, given his current employment situation, I don't think the hinted at tracks he was considering compiling will surface anytime soon.
Maybe we will hear it now. Awesome
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