What are the best Morrissey songs to start/end a compilation with?

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Let's suppose...as I'm sure many of us have, either for ourselves or others...that we are making a custom Morrissey compilation.

What songs do you start and end with?

I pick The Loop and Sunny, respectively.

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Oh sorry. I meant, Morrissey is a racist and (insert random horribly spelled insult about random forum member).

Because that's what this site is now.

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I'm going with Morrissey's most recent list, so World Peace is None of Your Business, and I Can Have Both.

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Opener: NMHIF
Closer: YWGIYT


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Start with: Glamorous Glue

End with: Angel Angel Down We Go Down Together

The compilation would not include anything after You are the Quarry because it is all average at best with the exception of Life is a Pigsty.


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Now My Heart Is Full is the perfect opener and Speedway is the perfect closer. There are some very ordinary songs on Vauxhall, but nailing both the opening and the closer ensures that it sounds like a classic album.


play it all in whatever order you want.
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