What are some of your favorite live versions of Smiths songs performed by Morrissey's band


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Other than the additional benefit of having an additional guitar and keyboards, how do you feel the Lads perform on Smiths material over the years? Are there any particular covers done from 1995 until now which you feel hold up equally well to those original Marr recordings, or perhaps a rendition you feel Boz and company manage to breathe new life into?

Here is a list of some Smiths stuff which I've always felt the band did quite well with:

1) Shoplifters
2) Is It Really So Strange?
3) Half a Person
4) Rubber Ring (despite Boz overplaying this one a bit too much IMO)

My least favorite is This Charming Man but I believe the blame lies with Morrissey's desire to change that one!


I really enjoyed still ill when they played it in 2013


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my two favs:

Still Ill:

I Want the One I Can't Have:

Quando quando quando

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In the last tour: What She Said! :thumb:


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I've been listening to a show from the Ringleader tour recently, and I loved hearing "William" in the set. Boz is a top rhythm guitarist for such a lively number, and it's great to hear Morrissey's voice in his later years tackling this track.


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The Queen is Dead
What She Said
A Rush and A Push...

I feel the more 'rocky' approach of the recent band lineup suits the first two very songs very well, and I just love the third song and it was never played originally so.

I also don't mind 'This Charming Man' i dont believe that Boz and Jesse can't play the song, I think that Moz himsf wants the tune to have a punkier feel, and I quite like it, espicially the heavier breakdown style play during the chorus.


"Death of a Disco Dancer" was superb on the YoR tour. Hard to believe they did five Smiths songs the night I saw them.

He was often doing 6 on that tour and thought Swords and 2011. Think 7 was done somewhere but can't recall where !


Half a Person
Girlfriend in a Coma
Paint a Vulgar Picture
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