What are rules of Moz tour travel?


#1-- Do not book a pre-paid room from priceline.com or others, UNLESS you would absolutely LOVE to go to that particular city at that time of year without the Mozzer.

#2--Do not book a non-refundable flight to a Morrissey show. In fact, plan to drive (or take the subway) to any Morrissey concert. That way, you don't have to cancel any reservations. I know, it is easy for us East Coasters to say that.

#3--Don't set hard holiday plans around Moz unless you have a really cool boss.

I am definitely guilty of #1, and god willing, Moz will bounce back in time for the rest of the tour beginning at Myrtle HOB and this will be the end of any more bad news this year.


No One You Know
Always bring matches and air freshener. What happens in the ho/motel stays there -- unless it's hysterically funny.


There is only one rule. No odd socks.
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