What album are you listening to right now?



Well I was playing this earlier

and as with just about everything Ben Gibbard sets his hand to, there were two or three really good songs and then the rest was just kind of whiny, semi-listenable muck.

Now. Moving on to something truly magnificent...

You should listen to these guys in the following You Tube link. I don't think you have heard of these guys. Well, not likely anyway. If anything, I just can't believe it is 20 years ago now already since this album came out. Make sure you check the first track on this album too. Well, check out the whole album really. Technically, track 8 could be on this Depeche Mode album if it wasn't for one very important issue: How are you with your Espanol? No joke.

-- Eric


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Been driving around listening to this album repeatedly for the past three days. It combines two things I love: nourishing classical composition and synthesizers.

I've got loads of old Walter/Wendy Carlos and Iso Tomita on vinyl. But this is just :hibiscus: in a more digital synth sheen.


Don't Leave Us In The Dark
Ghosteen by Nick Cave. On Spotify now but on vinyl Nov 8th. I can't wait for the beautiful double album to arrive. In particular I love the song 'Waiting for you' which may or may not be about the tragedy of his recently deceased teenage son.

I recently bought the original 12" of Blue Monday by New Order. It sounds amazing on vinyl.


the original
the morrissey faithfull woke everyone up this morning bickering over the question of how to cover a dylan song.

it was eventually agreed upon that bob often sounds more appealing when covered, but sometimes you just wanna listen to the gritty original.
visions of johanna is certainly one of the most alluring bob covers on faithfull's album...
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