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That was one of the worst Wrestlemanias I can remember seeing. Wrestlemania 27 also springs to mind as a particularly bad one.

After Wrestlemania 27 in 2011 I skipped Wrestlemania for the next six years. I decided to watch last year's and found it surprisingly enjoyable, so I ordered this one too on the spur of the moment (I don't have WWE network).

But tonight I was reminded of all the reasons I gave up *regularly* watching wrestling way back in 2002, around the time of Eddie Guerrero and Steve Austin's aborted feud and a broken down Undertaker beating an even more broken down Hulk Hogan for the title.

My judgement may be clouded regarding WM35 because I was already bored by the time of the Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio "match", if it can be called that, but I forced myself to keep watching anyway since I had already paid the €25 to do so (I don't have a laptop to stream it for free).

I miss the days of three hour PPVs. Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio started at around the three hour mark, which seems to be my cut off point. I would have streamlined the card by about three matches. Turn the IC and US title matches into a joint ladder match with both titles hanging above the ring, for example. 12 matches is too many, especially when three or four of them went for six minutes or less, which just feels like a waste of time.

I'd take six 15-20 minute matches and three 25-30 minute matches instead, so there's time to actually tell a story rather than everyone in the shorter matches just rushing through their spots in six or seven minutes.
The Revival vs Hawkins and Ryder had more time on the pre-show to tell a story than Balor/Lashley, Angle, Samoa Joe, and the Smackdown tag guys had.

I hate the forced "feel good" stuff too. Like when Kofi won and the commentators start gushing about how "this is for everyone who has been told they can't reach the top because where they come from or what they look like", or whatever other vomit-inducing tripe they were coming out with. It's especially annoying because it doesn't sound the least bit genuine, and WWE is the last company that should be getting preachy about that kind of thing.
My final WM35 ratings out of 5

1. Daniel Bryan v Kofi Kingston - 3.75
2. The Usos v The Bar v Ricochet & Aleister Black v Nakamura and Rusev - 3.5
3. AJ Styles v Randy Orton - 3.5
4. Triple H v Batista - 3.25
5. Ronda Rousey v Charlotte v Becky Lynch - 3.25
6. The Revival v Hawkins and Ryder - 3
7. Tony Nese v Buddy Murphy - 3
8. Brock Lesnar v Seth Rollins - 2.75
9. Shane McMahon v The Miz - 2.75
10. Finn Balor v Bobby Lashley - 2.75
11. Roman Reigns v Drew McIntyre - 2.5
12. Samoa Joe v Rey Mysterio - 2.25
13. Men's battle royale - 2.25
14. Baron Corbin v Kurt Angle - 2.25
15. Sasha Banks & Bayley v The IIconics v Nia Jax & Tamina v Natalya and Beth Phoenix - 2
16. Women's battle royale - 2

Overall: 2.75/5 - 55% - grade C
I must say I found Lars Sullivan fairly bland, but then I heard about this controversy and now I hope he becomes world champion:

It's the ultimate heat getter, this has made him more hated among all the weaklings out there than a year's worth of promos and beat-downs of established stars could ever have done.

I'd pair him up with Baron Corbin as well to really get under people's skin. More likely though is that WWE will cave to the pressure and will demote Lars, taking him off TV for 're-packaging', before quietly releasing him.

This is good news although hopefully they do a lot more with him than they're currently doing with Matt Hardy. Morrison is 39 now but so was AJ Styles when he signed with WWE and he became WWE champion for a year. In terms of pure talent and athleticism, of the hundreds of wrestlers WWE has had on its roster over the past 20 years I'd place Morrison in the top 15 or 20. He should have been an Edge or Seth Rollins level top guy in the company and if he had stuck around he and Dolph Ziggler in my opinion should have been headlining Wrestlemanias for most of the 2010s. Morrison was the natural successor to RVD and Ziggler was the natural successor to Edge and it was a waste of their talents that they weren't booked accordingly. I'd like to see Morrison challenging for the WWE title in 2020 but keep Miz away from him.

This is why America is the greatest country in the world, only in America could someone headline Wrestlemania and then become Prez. And now the rest of the world is playing catch-up.

On to other matters, smart move by AEW making Chris Jericho their first champ, no-one cuts apromo like Y2J.

''Look at you, nice hair, idiot." "What's your name? I don't care, shut your mouth." Classic :lbf::lbf::lbf:

Is this Rude's kid or just someone that looks like Rude riding off his name?

Robert Roode is his real name so he's not riding off Rude's name and it's just a coincidence since they look so much alike. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode are as talented as Curt 'Mr. Perfect' Hennig and Rick Rude ever were and it's WWE's own fault for not turning them into household names by promoting them as stars of the same calibre. Robert Roode was in TNA for over a decade and became World champion and Tag Team champion there.

Curt Hennigs's kid wrestles in WWE as Curtis Axel in a lower-card tag team called The B-Team alongside one of IRS's sons Bo Dallas (brother of Bray Wyatt). You might remember IRS from teaming with Ted Dibiase as Money Inc. in the early 90s.

Curtis Axel doesn't have the star power of his father Curt Hennig but they tried to give him a singles push five or six years ago with Paul Heyman as his manager. He became Intercontinental champion for a while but it didn't work out and he slipped down the card which he's unlikely to climb back up at this stage (aged 40). Bo Dallas is 29 and they could still do something with him if they're willing to put in the effort to rehabilitate his image after years in a tag team that is treated as a joke. Meanwhile his brother is wrestling for the WWE title in the main event of the Hell in a Cell PPV next week.
Meanwhile his brother is wrestling for the WWE title in the main event of the Hell in a Cell PPV next week.

*WWE Universal championship

Brock Lesnar is facing Kofi Kingston for the WWE championship on Friday. In my day we had one world title so there wasn't any of this confusion.
This is why America is the greatest country in the world, only in America could someone headline Wrestlemania and then become Prez. And now the rest of the world is playing catch-up.

The current President of Ukraine is an actor who played the role of President of Ukraine in a TV series beginning in 2015. It seems the Ukrainian people enjoyed his performance so much that they decided to elect him as the actual leader of the country.


At this stage I would argue that the USA is one of the worst countries in the world and it will only get worse from here. 'Idiocracy' is its future. How anyone can look at the USA in 2019 and call it the best country in the world is frankly beyond me. The best country to live in is possibly Denmark, for the moment at least until it's ruined by mass immigration like the rest of Europe.
WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (Sept. 30, 2019): Raw is Cuckholdry

"That’s right, Cageside! Count them with me: We have not one, but two cuckhold stories on Monday Night Raw! Ah – ah – ah!

I just...I’m laughing because I don’t know what else to do. This isn’t the sort of pro wrestling I’m interested in. If it interests you, cool. I hope you enjoy it. But I can’t say anything positive about it. I’ll be tuning in Wednesday, AEW; don’t let me down

It's kind of obvious that a Jew (Heyman) is back at the helm. Who else would come up with this shit? I'd love to have seen the roundtable meeting where Heyman pitched this. He has only been back in charge of the writing staff for a few weeks and already he has two white male cuckold wrestlers on the show. f*** off, lol. I had been tuning back in over the past few weeks for the first time in years but that's me done; I'll find something better to do with my time on Monday nights now, thanks Paul.
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