What’s one cover you’d like Morrissey to do?

I've said M should cover this song since the first time I heard it. In fact the lyrics seem like Mozzer could have written them. I love this tune.

No more indie, punk or Brit pop shite. Moz should embrace his fantastic strengths as a crooner.
Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell

I also need to hear Tim Buckleys " It Happens Every Time" live. If I don't, I will divorce you, Morrissey. I will.
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1. Agadoo. Black lace.
2. My coocachoo. Alvin Stardust.
3. Do they know it’s Christmas.
Band aid.

he is a Alvin fan, so My Coocachoo, is not totally impossible. I’m sure he sings it in the shower. Lol.
im too sexy by right said fred,people class this as a novelty song but the music is great.
andreas johnson-glorious,,,was in the town on saturday and this came over the tannoy and i literally stopped what i was doing and listened to it.
Only Good Things by The Murder Capital

It'd be perfect for him
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