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I'm millennial and I love The Smiths and Morrissey stuff since 2015. Btw, I can't fit to the modern music nowadays (some of it but not many) because they have a bunch of ridiculous lyrics. But not all of them like that, but it's hard to find good music now. :straightface: :straightface: :straightface:

I still don't know how to start a thread here...:straightface:


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Hi everybody, I'm a newbie from UK, love the forum (thanks), been watching/reading for a while from a safe distance. I've never posted until today, not sure that I'll be a regular poster, & not yet sure how this forum works, but I'm sure I'll pick it up soon enough. I've loved the Smiths since their start in the '80's after seeing a concert on (strangely) German TV - Music-laden or something - I was living over there at the time. Only recently (past 2 years) have been totally hooked (& I mean totally hooked) on Morrissey's music, so making up for lost time. Got vast majority of his albums & absolutely love them all. I'm currently focused on Swords - love it, so many beautiful tracks.
Anyway, 'Hi' everyone it's nice to be here, & Moz, thanks for the music. Love ya man.
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