"Wedding Bell Blues" w/Billie Joe Armstrong digital release, BBC Radio 2 first play (Apr. 8, 2019)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Apr 7, 2019.

By Famous when dead on Apr 7, 2019 at 3:10 AM
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    UPDATE Apr. 8:

    Here's the official one:

    Posted by Thewlis:

    Now on Spotify!


    Wedding Bell Blues was played earlier today on the Ken Bruce show as a world exclusive.
    Digital versions and a YouTube video followed thereafter.
    It is reportedly the 22 year anniversary of Laura Nyro's passing today also (thanks Anon for the info).
    The radio broadcast and other versions are available in the download section.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Apr 7, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      I love this! Morrissey's voice is so warm and lush - makes me wish I was Bill... I'm so looking forward to this album!
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    2. Carlisle baz
      Carlisle baz
      So you dislike this song then?? You should go down to your working men’s social club with the other chap this Wednesday, you might just see his grandad duetting with dame Edna average
    3. billybu69
      Yep ok? not sure what this means but I'm up for that.
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    4. klaus
      would be cool if tobias would unblock me on ig. can someone ask him for me, please? thanks lolol

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    5. Mayfly
      Armatopia is very reminiscent of New Order in the 80s to me, which sort of takes us back to Electronic times. Catchy tune and decent singing.
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    6. clemmentine
      it doesn’t feel quite right listening to this with my fathers name being william/bill, what with mozza singing it in such a fruity voice but nonetheless it’s very smooth and enjoyable
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    7. smiler
      I think Morrissey is having a lot of fun with this song. He's turned it into a swinging camp romp, the artistry and the skill lies is in the phasing which skips and sails effortlessly. Its a great vocal performances right to the end.

      "OH BILL COME-ON BILL........."
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    8. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      A couple of poor quality pics circulating with website articles (non-English).


      From the Ramones event by looks of it.
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    9. Daniel Granato
      Daniel Granato
      Who's on the front cover of Wedding Bell Blues?
    10. Kewpie
    11. Try Anything Twice
      Try Anything Twice
      A better question is who is pawing Moz’s left breast?
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    12. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      I believe that's Linda Ramone's hand (pictured left).

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    13. Try Anything Twice
      Try Anything Twice
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    14. Ryan
      William from W,IWRN and Glenn from DAOE must be jealous.
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    15. Ryan
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    16. Anonymous
      There’ll be backup singers on this tour.

      Morrissey hasn’t been able to pull off the falsetto live in 30 years. Studio does wonders for an old karaoke singer. ;)
    17. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

      you don’t like it?
    18. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      It was a shotgun wedding...

      Billie was already showing!
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    19. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

      This seems like a fun song... it's Morrissey not taking himself too seriously. ‘


      Exactly! and the album as a whole is gonna be an interesting listen, can’t wait.

      Love the layers of backing vocals on this, and the playful piano, a real romp!

      You know they were having fun in the studio with this one. And Morrissey has probably been singing this one in the shower since it was originally released.

      Lighten up, folks.

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    20. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      I think he just likes to walk around with an arm permanently attached to his breast. Trend setter!
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