"Wedding Bell Blues" - vinyl 45 released today (10 May, 2019)

This single had a bit of a confused start to its life.
First reported on Morrissey Central (28 Feb) and again on Morrissey Central (24 March) that it would have the B-side "I Thought You Were Dead".
With the pre-information and release of Lover-To-Be for Record Store Day, it became apparent that the B-side wasn't going to be "I Thought You Were Dead".
Various online portals subsequently updated their information and "Brow Of My Beloved" was confirmed for the B-side.
This song title has been known from about 2017 and is one of several Morrissey/Boorer compositions slowly becoming available.
There is no matrix message on the vinyl.
Today's vinyl release also confirms that the B-side was recorded at Sunset Studios at the same time as California Son:


(Image: FWD).

Today's release appears to be global.
There are listings for it on every Amazon portal (shows as an import in Japan), European, US & UK indies, HMV, Rough Trade et al...


(Image: VinylTapRecords IG).

At the time of writing, there is no listing anywhere for a digital release of "Brow Of My Beloved".
Given previous releases, that tends to happen around 12-2 pm UK time if it's due today.
Please feel free to post any information about said should you find it.
As soon as it is available, please check here and/or the downloads section to hear it.
Similarly, the kind souls who often record the vinyl will probably come through too.
Further information as it comes in.


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Odd that they spelled the drummer's name wrong. Then again, it's the sixth drummer.
A:bell: song about bells and nobody here :bell:worries about :bell:Morricirsei's :bell:men'l health?
And :bell:could you stop ringing:bell: that, I can't listen to the :bell:nice young man's single!

The evil old queen may have survived, but defo has :bell:dingdong :bell:PTSD now. :bell:

(...Nope. Can't hear a bloody thing; I think I've gone cover-deaf. )
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