Wedding Bell Blues - lyric video premiered on Facebook (10 April, 2019).


Ooh, first review! Thanks. Reads like a 7 or 8/10. Anyone know what they gave it?
I think it was Uncut who published the first review of Low in High School with a 2/5 and 'his worst since Kill Uncle' conclusion...
meh, not the styles I'm into like at all, but maybe its good to people who are?
don't think its bad and like all the weird stuff going in the background though :guitar:

Interesting: "another project."
So he designed the cover of California Son.
Can't see the need for him to just cobble text over a public domain video though.
Right. We're a few songs into knowing what this album will be like and I have to say, it leaves me totally cold thus far. It's just a camp dude singing his favourite camp songs in his bedroom. Total vanity project.
california son info

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