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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Apr 3, 2019.

By Famous when dead on Apr 3, 2019 at 7:55 PM
  1. Famous when dead

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Apr 3, 2019.

    1. Erik
      Yay finally we get to hear “I thought you were dead”
    2. Rush 2 Danger
      Rush 2 Danger
      Looking forward to hearing this. Clever move too.
    3. Thewlis
      Some 50 days before album release.
      So probably another single in May then.
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    4. Try Anything Twice
      Try Anything Twice
      I like the image. I believe that’s Paul Lynde with Rock Hudson from the movie Send Me No Flowers.
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    5. Try Anything Twice
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    6. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Ok, people know I hate hearsay and anecdotal crap as some here take it as definite and then spread it online as fact - so excuse the irony of me adding my 2 cents:
      Sam is probably alluding to an 'instant grat' digital version.
      The vinyl (according to my excellent indie store contact who I trust) is still slated for May 10th with now 'Brow Of My Beloved' on it.
      Make of that what you will.
      I plan my buying around the information this gentleman supplies me - I don't believe indie shops are having any 7" Wedding Bell Blues vinyl delivered for Monday.
      Time will tell & happy to be wrong.
      Sam might like to know shops get releases on Fridays not Mondays too.
      I think it's digital Monday.
      Again, it's anecdotal - pinch of salt and all that.
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    7. Suedehead90
      It’s up for preorder on Mporium which gives the release date as 10th May, so guessing that’s exactly what he meant aka the digital version of the track
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    8. Liliana
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    9. ACTON
      How Soon Is 'Now'? Now is not April 8th.
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    10. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Semantics! :)
      'Now' in the title was used in the context of 'as opposed to what date it was meant to be' - it wasn't meant in the immediate sense of the term.
      I've edited it just for you.
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    11. jumping jack for joy
      jumping jack for joy
      in this case the blues will bring great joy! fantastic news! :highfive:
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    12. TonyMaroneythePony
      will enter Official BBC Top 40 Singles Chart with ease....
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    13. Anonymous
      Hey Mozz you can shove your vinyls into your * ....kidding, well you're not the only artist who are releasing exclusive vinyl releases this weekend...I have 0 interest in vinyl so i'll saving money (i'm still willing to buy CD's)...BTW streaming is the sales king in case you guys haven't noticed.
    14. The Truth
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    15. celibate
      audio or video of the song would be nice to post here, as a late birthday present, thanks for all your birthday wishes yesterday april the 3rd. yes I'm an old bastard, 54
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    16. Eldritch
      That sounds sensible, because why would they press the vinyl more than a month in advance?
    17. loversuffer
      So .... I'm So Happy To Hear This But , What's The B- Side Of " Wedding bell Blues " ?! Is it I Thought You Were Dead ?! Or " Brow Of My Beloved " ?!
    18. Anonymous
      Bobby Joe Armstrong is quite a cute choice. He was from the group Green Day although I have not heard from him in a very very long time. Leave it to Morrissey to keep coming up with these surprising choices.
    19. BookishBoy
      Is it just me, or does the size of Billie Joe Armstrong's name on the cover suggest that we might actually be able to hear his contribution to this song, as opposed to some of the other "guests"? Or is he just another friend of Joe C's who was persuaded to pop into the studio for 45 mins to sing minor backing vocals that then get mixed way down? I hope it's the former!
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