"We Are the Lambeth Boys" (1959) available to view online

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We Are the Lambeth Boys (1959) available to view online:

“Spring Heeled Jim” features several samples from "We Are the Lambeth Boys", a 1959 British documentary by Karel Reisz about the daily activities of members of the Alford House Youth Club, Kennington in late 1950s London.

The dialogue excerpted is from two different conversations, one about a fight between young men and another about abolishing of the death penalty. In the song the two conversations are spliced together to make it sound like one. The points of the video in which the dialogue occur are:

24:32 - 25:29 “They’re gonna get a team and go out and do it; Smitty and them”

29:50 - 30:05 “One fellar was in the coper’s arms wasn’t he? And the other had a gun, and he was free, and he shot him.”

31:18 - 31:29 “And they catch him, and they say he’s mental.”
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Thank you so much for this, I've always wondered about that dialogue..


Some of the samples in that song are from Star Wars. They are played quietly to avoid lawsuits from Stephen Spielberg.


wasted 8 of her 9 lives.
I love being able to finally put a face to those voices in the song I've been hearing for 18 years! Thank you for posting this!

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