Wayne Hussey (The Mission) releases solo debut 'Bare', covers The Cure U2 Bowie

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After The Mission broke up last year, singer Wayne Hussey now presents his first solo album, "Bare". The album features songs that Hussey has been presenting on his recent solo tour. Next to the regular album tracks, the German version also holds four live bonus tracks, recorded at a sold-out show in Bochum, Germany in October 2008. The recording is uncut holding Hussey's explanations and comments. On the studio tracks you'll also find old The Mission classics ("Bird of Passage", "Shelter from the Storm", "Garden of Delight", "Black Mountain Mist") next to covers of The Cure song "A Night Like This", U2's "With or Without You" and David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes" among others. Released on the Echozone label (Sony Music in Germany) on October 23rd. You can order your normal copy at iTunes as well.
Track listing:

  1. A Night Like This
  2. Keep It in the Family
  3. Black Mountain Mist
  4. With or Without You
  5. Shelter from the Storm
  6. Garden of Delight
  7. God Only Knows
  8. Absolution
  9. Stars Don't Shine Without You
  10. My Funny Valentine
  11. Bird of Passage
  12. Grotesque
  13. One Thing Leads to Another
  14. Another Lonely Day (Live)
  15. Kingdom Come (Live)
  16. Ashes to Ashes (Live)
  17. All Tangled Up in You (Live)
Below is a fan video of Wayne Hussey bringing "A night like this" and "Garden of Delight" shot in Bochum. It holds a nice joke on Robert Smith who was supposed to record vocals for the album "God is a bullet".


And The Cure/The Mission fans will for sure recognize this track recorded live in 1997.


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Definitely be checking that out!! :)
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