Watch Supergrass cover The Smiths' 'Please Please Please…' with Johnny Marr - NME


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That's completely ludicrous. I think you're the only one interpreting the line as anti-Morrissey.

I don't mind if other people hear it differently and enjoy the cover. To each their own. I wish they had chosen another song though, Rubber Ring for exemple. These words would resonate more with me.


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I was going to watch but it started buffering while people were yelling in the beginning so I swiftly gave up and went back to listening to M.


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Iba a mirar, pero comenzó a amortiguarse mientras la gente gritaba al principio, así que rápidamente me rendí y volví a escuchar a M.
[/CITAR]Estaban insoportables con los gritos ,me gusto Johnny es muy talentoso y tiene derecho a cantar las canciones de The Smiths,Moz y Johnny deberian juntarse a tomar algo y a conversar ,ya estan grandes y necesitan dejar de lado viejos rencores ,dejar atras el orgullo.Moz deberia invitar a Johnny a tocar con el en futuros conciertos y seria buenisimo un abrazo entre ellos ,la gente quiere verlos juntos y ellos tambien ,seria muy saludable VIVA MOZ Y JOHNNY

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Mozz can be proud watching that. I know Johnny would have put more Irish love into it if it were Morrissey next to him.


Tarde o temprano Johnny y Moz haran las pases ....quiero verlos enredados en un super abrazo!!!! Eso va a suceder cedan ambas partes...todos queremos verlos y todos todos, incluso ellos mismos vamos a terminar derramando un lagrimon,viva Moz and _Johnny ??


It's all very cute and all {and Moz did almost get Supergrass to perform at his 2004 Meltdown, but it fell through}. And Johnny plays immaculately.

But honestly nobody should sing those words but Morrissey. No-body. Unless they want to look and sound like a student karaoke tit. In a trilby.

If í was being harsh, í would say that Johnny of all people should know the difference between this and the real thing. And should feel sick to his gut. But í guess he may have other reasons to feel sickly these days. And í should just get a life.

And if he let's Neil sodding Finn sing it, then why not cheeky Gaz...?

Enough of this vague shit. Tell us how you really feel :)

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