Washington, DC - The Anthem (Oct. 18, 2023) post-show

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We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful / Our Frank / Suedehead / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Alma Matters / Half A Person / I Wish You Lonely / Let Me Kiss You / How Soon Is Now? / Girlfriend In A Coma / Darling, I Hug A Pillow / The Loop / Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? / Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings / Irish Blood, English Heart / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Jack The Ripper // Speedway

Setlist courtesy of "Right in the Head".

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Here's as much of the banter as I could understand. My recording wasn't nearly as good as usual, probably because I was looking at my phone typing in the setlist!

Two a capella lines of Eddy Arnold's "Make the World Go Away": Make the world go away; just get it off of my shoulder.
"We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful"
Thank you. I'm pleased to be here--where am I?
"Our Frank"
You (?) will not be afraid. You have nothing to fear. Relax. Get your rocks off. I can't read your sign, but I'm, I'm sure it's nice.
Thank you.
"Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One Before"
Thank you, thank you. Alright--this is the stage. There's a huge gap between (?) the audience and me, (indistinct)
"Alma Matters"
I realize I'm, I'm very, I realize I'm very weird, but I'm not, I'm not gonna spend the night watching security walk up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down. A very nice flag you have. I see it was censored, it was censored; I wonder why? Ah, we live in strange time. Will we make it? Will we make it? (mumbles)
"Half a Person"
And unfortunately, it IS the story of my life. GOD, help me.
"I Wish You Lonely"
It's very nice of you to drag yourself along here tonight. I'm sure you had, I'm sure you had other things to do, like, uh, washing your hair, clipping your toenails, yes. I think I just about (mumbles). Well, I'm speechless. We shall be married in the spring.
"Let Me Kiss You"
This song has been played in many ways through the ages, and this is one of them.
"How Soon Is Now?"
When you sing a song, it's a bit like taking a lie-detector test. (indistinct) taken; I'm sure you have. But if you're insincere when you sing, you can't get away with it, although, although, many of us do, so. What the hell am I talking about? (indistinct)
"Girlfriend in a Coma"
"Darling, I Hug a Pillow," followed by a piano solo
Thank you.
"The Loop"
Soak (?), probably. Would you please say hello to Camilla Gray (?), to Jesse Tobias, to Brendan Buckley, to Juan Galliano, to Carmen Van den Berg. Who, who am I? I am nothing, nothing. I crawl across this world, across this earth. Not the world, earth, nothing. I have a handkerchief, and that, that, that's you.
"Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way"
You see, we have many strings to our bow, many strings to our bow. Although, my bow. I was on the sofa, I was on the sofa, HA! I was on the sofa--oh, was it? How interesting--both hands shoved into a big bag of Ruffles. Such a perfect moment. Sure enough, sure enough, the blasted telephone rings.
"Sure Enough, the Telephone Rings"
I was telling a really, really boring story last week, whereby we had been invited onto a New York TV show, to sing a song--what else?--and they said "Do you have anything that's 'morning friendly." We probably just said, "Don't be silly." And sent them this song, "Sure Enough, the Telephone Rings," knowing they wouldn't accept it. THEY DID! If a miracle could happen once, it could happen twice.
"Irish Blood, English Heart"
Thank you, thank you.
Are you alright, Trinity (?) Any complaints? No complaints? I love complaints. What one? I meant Trinity.
"Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want," followed by a piano solo
"Everyday Is Like Sunday"
"Jack the Ripper"
The rats, the rats, thousands of rats, millions of rats, with their bulging eyes, they (indistinct) you, rats, rats, rats, rats, rats, rats, rats, rats, rats. I've got you, I've got you, I've got you.

Each band member returns to the stage and says a few words, most of which is in Spanish that I can't possibly translate.​
It depends on what you're looking for, I suppose, but could we, could we have a HUGE hand for somebody who was very unwell today, but she's done very well, Fatan (?). Oh, Washington, so much to answer for.
He repeated "steady, steady, security, steady" to the bouncers and stage invaders.
Humming after the "shut, good and proper" break, before the engine starts up.
Thank you so much! Well done.
They cannot move the stage closer to the crowd. There is an orchestra pit between front row and stage. He said they moved everything on the stage further forward. The gap was still ridiculously huge on the second night from the front row, though.
I thought they could? I saw jack white live a year ago and the stage moved really close to the front. I was in the front row and if it wasn't for the security gate i could have touched the stage pretty much.
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Pic by crashintomyarms (IG)

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He'll probably do just that.

Watching the clips, it seems like a pretty good show to me. But do be mindful of the fact that you're watching a functioning alcoholic. Morrissey is, and always has been, a cerebral, idiosyncratic and desperately shy individual. It's widely known that alcohol fuels his performance, his public persona, his art even.

He hasn't made a secret of this, and neither have his drinking cohort over the years. Noel Gallagher lives in awe of Morrissey's capacity for vodka, for example.

And no judgement from me, btw. His stage demeanour, his banter, his charm is hugely aided by being intoxicated every night. See the banter post above for obvious and often hilarious soundbites.

Yes it takes its toll over the years, of course. The lyrics become a little lazy, the worldview becomes a little hazy.

Truculence, controversy, self-sabotaging. Placing too much faith in a certain parasitic relative to handle PR. Clapping and shouting on planes. Falling out with integral band members. Fixating on conspiracy theories and genuinely believing that the world is against him. Writing incoherent fiction. Alcohol is a significant factor in all of this.

So at this stage in the game, it would be a huge ask to expect Morrissey to create, tour, deliver without a drink. Or to reinvent himself or write a song that doesn't have its title in the first line of the first verse. Or curate and deliver a novel setlist.

Alcoholics need continuity and routine to function. They cling to what they can do, and Morrissey still does it well - all things considered. His voice is holding up too.

Excellent analysis of a crucial subject. Should be a separate thread?
Too painful to discuss thoroughly?

Wonder how many Moztards developed an alcohol habit just because they are copycats
This is wrong.

Speedway ended on time with the drum only outro as planned.

Morrissey was yelling at a security guard the he wasn't needed but didn't leave the stage early at all.
Yeah, there are a lot misinformed newbies that believes that M owes them everything
In 1991 he was in SF with his greatest band, shout out to Alain, Boz, Gary, and Spencer! They were all lean and mean and rocked the house.
When the band used to matters. And it went on, until... well, these bums playing for him currently
I take a little bit of umbrage with that attitude. My opinion; if you don't want to play the 'hits' I don't think you should charge 'hits set' money for your shows. It is the artist's obligation to play the majority of songs that people want to hear, it's called being a pro. Can you imagine if The Stones refused to play their big hits but continued to charge their regular prices? I am pretty sure Mick Jagger never wants to sing Satisfaction ever again but it's his job. It's okay to play some deep cuts but you have to give the people what they want.
No. So many times No.
Question: does anyone know what the synth player played in between two of the songs? It was lovely and almost had me in tears.
Did anyone see what flag was held up that Morrissey complimented? "That's a very nice flag... but it's been censored."
It's from youtube comment section below Full Concert video posted by me on this thread .

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By the way , I've already watched a whole gig . Setting aside security issues , what a fantastic show !!!
"Hug a pillow " was absolutely stunning with Camilla's superb outro :hearteyes:
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