was it MORE cheeky for Morrissey to sign and sell the Bowie album? OR the Lou Reed album?


We can also include Patti and Iggy, since they were (and are) still alive while Morrissey signed and sold these records, don’t know if that would make a difference.


So my feeling on this is that Iggy would get it, David Bowie would secretly have his feathers ruffled and NOT get that the price is for the Morrissey signature and not for his album at all. I’m not taking a firm position YET on Lou Reed or Patti Smith. This is because I feel that it could go either way because they both have super irascible natures.

Therefore based on the preceding, which autographed album indicates the biggest cheek?????

Oh my god!!! Which????!
Also, I know this is stating the obvious, but if there’s already a great idea, why not make even better! And you know who would have been ALL OVER this? Andy, that’s who.

Therefore my formal position is that on future tours there should be Morrissey autographed Warhol Campbell Soup posters. Would be stupendously great!
Since Iggy Pop and Patti smith are still alive, I'd say thats pretty cheeky, and risky if you ask me. Bowie would be miffed because he has a bit of an ego, like Moz.
Moz could sign an empty Embassy packet, and I'd buy it!

I'd not even say no to Billy Bragg single, although I'd more than likely scratch the record itself, just to be a C#*t.
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