Wanted: Morrissey and The Smiths vinyl singles (just getting started)


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Good evening.

I'm wanting to swell up my collection, which is only exactly a library of 1 at the moment (Our Frank).

Over the years I've already collected an edition of all of the albums and main compilations (except World of... and Suedehead; why hasn't Early Burglary Years been pressed ever?).

The specifics are that I am in the USA. Ideally I'm looking to buy multiple items at a time to get the most of current postal rates. With regards to what I'm looking for... I'll just about take anything. I don't really care about rare variants or misprints and the like. Just getting the most standard editions would make me just as happy. If I can afford it. The only exception to this is that that there are some art variants I'm keen on, like the milk glass version of "WDDIM". I prefer 12" to any other format, but if there's a unique song or art on there, tell me about it!

I prefer PayPal for sending funds.

Please message me directly or reply to this post and I'll get back to you ASAP.
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Bless Comrade:praying:

important directive needed: Box Set.
have for available, rubles, agriculture and new bogus 1992 bogus houston photoshop poster.:handok:

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