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Hi guys
I'm searching for James promo edits and singles from the past decade. Managed to grab a handful from 7 digital and quobuz.
Willing to swap and share recent stuff too. Thank you
I am missing.

Curse curse remix single
Curse radio edit
Frozen Britain radio edit
Dear John radio edit
Girl at the end of the world radio edit *if anyone has the clean version of the video to watch too that'd be great, required for a potential school space project
Waterfall radio edit
Crazy radio edit
Lookaway radio edit
To my surprise edit
Whiteboy radio edit and sampler edit *I've got a low quality mp3 but would love a better quality version
Nothing but love edit
Nothing but love instrumental
Whistle-blower *I had la petite mort on cd but never accessed the bonus track. Was it ever released elsewhere?

wav and flac or even mp3 would be great.
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