wanted- I Know... Note Wrong and You Must Please Remember

Hey everyone.

I have decent quality versions of most 80s-90s morrissey releases except for I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong and You Must Please Remember, and I can't find any current downloads for them. Can anyone post them?

Thanks in advance
Does anyone know if there is some sort of download containing the Quarry / Tormentors / Refusal era b-sides that didn't make it onto Swords? Not asking anyone to compile one, but if there is any such thing available can someone post it?

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There have been expanded editions also. I don't know the exact rules but I think that generally nothing is posted that can be purchased on amazon, etc, but I do think some of Morrissey's singles are not available anymore. You might find physical copies on ebay or amazon. But if you make a list of the songs you want it would help.
If that doesn't work the old way was to download this. http://filehippo.com/download_peerblock/
It is supposed to help you keep from getting caught when you use this. http://www.slsknet.org/news/
Set up Peerblock first and then Soulseek. I haven't used it for maybe ten years but it apparently still works and I just read that it has lots of rare music. It is illegal to download copyrighted music and you also have to beware of viruses and fake files.
TL;DR: make a list of the files you want and post it.
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