Want a laugh? (make sure your speakers are on)

So why is he sucking down a bottle of detergent? This must be in the trailer after wrapping the November video, desperation to clean up his act.
It's that fancy line of cleaning products that you see at Hole Foods & other pretentious places.

Ah...I don't shop at the 'Hole and I'm not fancy. But I do like Reddi Whip out of the can :p
"Ready with, edible cleaner, still running 'round" -neh just doesn't have the same kind of ring to it :D

The pic was in a magazine... I can't remember which one Comtesses originally quoted it from -an old NME?
:D funnily enough, is it "Dial a cliche" where he finishes with "the safe way is the only way" I keep expecting to hear that on an advert for the supermarket as an official endorsement from Morrissey :D
Hee Hee...............​
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