Morrissey Central "WANDA YOUNG, RIP" (December 27, 2021)


(August 1943 - December 2021)

"Oh, death … the only conclusion. It always wins. And now, Wanda Young, whose yearning-for-what-cannot-be voice excited me at 9 years old, and even still, now, at 89 years. Along with Gladys Horton, the almost punishing excitement of the Marvelettes was so dramatic that even the hairstyles began to overact. I still listen whenever I want back the music of before. In one of my first ever radio interviews I requested "Strange, I Know" by the Marvelettes - a foreign language back then. All of their singles were signals…
"The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game", "Anything You Wanna Do", "He's A Good Guy, Yes He Is", "I Think I Can Change You", "Marionette", "Beechwood 4-5789", "Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead" - curses more than songs, often. The voices of great singers say 'listen to me' before you even grasp their lyrics, and Wanda Young was there with Levi Stubbs, as godly as you could ever hope
for. It should cost something to sing, and this is why most 2021 pop music resembles Soviet Union state authorized entertainment.
The Marvelettes were a part of those who came before, but don't overlook them because of that. Shadowed, of course, by the Supremes, and even by the fashionable pessimism of the Crystals, being 'a girl group' could imply either not a real group, or somehow less than. Nobody called the Stones 'a boy band'.
Today, no radio stations play the songs of the Marvelettes despite their enormous success (bigger than the Kinks, wouldn't you know), even though any investigation of their music proves that the magic never ends. "Paper Boy" is directly 'in your face, man'. They deserve your love because they came from a long-gone era when the waiting-to-buy was just as exciting as the actual purchase.
Wanda, I'll mith you."

27 December 2021.



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Another engaging little piece.

Johnny has also talked in the past about bonding with Morrissey in the early days over their admiration for The Marvelettes.

Also, all hail the comment, "they came from a long-gone era when the waiting-to-buy was just as exciting as the actual purchase." How true that is.


"They deserve your love because they came from a long-gone era when the waiting-to-buy was just as exciting as the actual purchase."

Nice to see Morrissey honoring those times by making us wait so long for 'Bonfire of Teenagers'.


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God, I love it when he writes little pieces like this.

I still listen whenever I want back the music of before. (So simple, so true, so beautifully put.)


You will barely, if at all, find radio station that plays anything from the 50s or 60s these days. There are a few digital stations that stream them. I was born 1970, so I was raised with the sound of those eras in my house and I still love a lot of that music to this day, even moreso than a lot of stuff that happened musically within my own lifetime. As with the teenagers of those generations (including my parents), the artists and the music and therefore the legacy of everything that was is now gradually dying away, as will the sounds of the 80's in another 30 years time. It simply doesn't matter when we are three generations down the line, it seems. As a 52 year old myself, I find it rare if I ever meet anybody in my own age group that loves Del Shannon, The Everly Brothers, Jim Reeves, Lesley Gore..the list is endless. Some of that suff is 60 or 70 years old now, how can it possibly matter to a 15 year old? Even looking back at the Smiths now it's starting to become a long time ago. I guess we live with the music inside us and it dies with us as part of us. I just watched all 3 episodes of the Beatles' Get Back documentary on Disney+ channel - I wonder if there are any youngsters that were as eager to see it. I would very much doubt it.

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This using dead people consistently as a vehicle for self publicity is truly sickening.
Yes, CNN and the BBC will surely pick up on this and Moz's public image will soar. That's called sarcasm you silly little anonymous loser troll. The fact that you used the word 'sickening ' is indeed sickening. The sickest of the sick calling someone else sick..

The irony.


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The song that started it all. :love:



Hi Moz I love that you do one of the things you do best: write. In my opinion, Moz should write on his site what he thinks he can share with us, the fans. I love this, Moz must write often is a way to interact and teach us things that some of us don't know. I think Moz's path in Central is here,!!! it's beautiful to read Moz

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