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Hello Morrissey fans!

I adore Morrissey, he really means everything to me and is the reason I am vegan.

I thought I would come here to share my band with you, I really would like to know what you think.

I play the drums and sing the harmonies in an electronic 3 piece from London and we are about to release our new album 'Jura', we're currently doing a self-funded UK tour, all the details are here We play in Manchester next Saturday (20th June), so I am excited! If any of you are Manchester based (or want to come to any of the other dates), please come along and chat to me and Melissa (lead singer) all night about Morrissey, we're obsessed and would love to meet you.

This is our new video -

And here are the links to the teasers of the new album -

Please let me know what you think! Love from me! Glassfoxx
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