Viva Radio Free Minturn!


I'm not a big radio listener, but i know they don't play Morrissey very often. At work we have the radio on all day long, and sometimes that can be torture, untill I discover this local station, they play Morrissey/Smiths at least once a day!!! Of course a lot of "How soon is now" "Girlfriend in a coma" etc... but the last couple of days I got to hear "These things take time" (!) and "we hate it...". I think it's pretty amazing, specially given the fact this is a tiny town in the Colorado rockies...
Consider yourself very lucky.
As far as I can tell, in the San Francisco Bay Area, there is not one station that plays ANY Smiths/Morrissey.
Thank God for my cassette tapes from the 80's (my car CD player is faulty!) and of course the Ipod!
the radio here in germany is pretty awful

but we have one very good one
but this radio station in berlin: radio eins did play smiths and moz from time to time...i remember bigmouth

the same radio staion who did broadcast the morrissey concert in berlin 2006 so you know they must be good..;)

they not only play "alternative" (whatever that term means nowadays) at the evening but all day actualy i idid hear belle and sebastian in the morning etc

i didcovered some of the obscurest music there which got played also on daytime i dotn know if they have a podcast maybe?

even john peel had a show there only for a short time...

a very very good station highly recommended i can hear it via satelite thank god (astra germany)
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