Viva Hate?


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Does anyone know where Viva Hate went? Viva was a regular contributor and then disappeared. I could see how Viva maybe got on some folks' nerves sometimes, but there were a lot of LOLs too.
Jesus Christ man, don't summon the beast. Edit your post to remove any mention of him, pretend this post is about the Morrissey album, or remove the entire thread if possible. Quickly before he sees it, because we all know that even if he hasn't been posting recently he still sits at his laptop refreshing the off topic page every five minutes.
:ROFLMAO: .... Actually I can't tell if you are kidding or not! :unsure: The only negative to VH was the giphy signature thing at the bottom of each post! Otherwise I was entertained. I must have missed the beastly behavior
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