"Viva Hate" Wool Hall Final Mixes Sire UK test cassette on eBay

This isn't my auction, but I came across this while snooping around eBay. Certainly this person is dreaming with a listing price of $2K, but this is a unique item. I've never seen one before in all my years. How many do you guys figure were produced?



Acquired from a former record exec, I present to you a ridiculously rare UK Sire Test Cassette for Morrissey’s first solo album “Viva Hate” in which the “Final Mixes” were previewed & then either accepted or rejected.Includes: “I Know Very Well etc” & “Hairdresser On Fire” that seem to be the B-Side of the “Suedehead” single. Morrissey/Smiths aficionados correct me if I’m wrong.

When will ever see this again? I don't even know if any more exist!!!

Please note, I also have a The Smiths "The Smiths" US test tape.

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Seems kind of easy to make fake copies of this. Also, not sure if there is anything special about the music. If these are all the versions of song we know and love then I don't really see the point.
Oh Vini....:(
Think of a number, double it, add the numbers in your date of birth multiply by first number, round up, $2000. That'll do.
What a totally ridiculous price. I'm as big a collector as anyone, but if you pay THAT for THAT you need your head examined.
Final mixes = album versions. This is worth $200 at most.

I agree. I don't question it's authenticity, but I see this fetching around $200, if that. The market for this would be rather small too. I don't see anyone other than the "completest" wanting it. It'll be interesting to see if this person comes to their senses and lowers the price considerably.
I think it to get a good casetteplayer will you pay a higher price than this item

[no I won't say anything that the mainpage is becoming a sorta marketplace]

hey I've got some unique belgium Morrissey fanzines called celibate cries [mail me]
Even I wouldn't pay that! (Have offered $100)

I'm gonna be knocking these out very soon on e-bay for a fiver they look and sound great so just hang on a while and you shall all have one.
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