Virtuoso Vandenberg presses pedals for EarthQuakeDevices (September 12, 2023)

Guitar legend Carmen Vandenberg (BONES UK, Jeff Beck) sits down with EQD at Sunset Sound Studios in LA for a brand new episode of Board to Death!

Carmen runs through her current pedalboard which she is constantly evolving and updating for different purposes. Her array of pedals depends on whether she’s touring with BONES UK, accompanying another touring artist, or in the studio.

She talks about how she favors the EQD Westwood for a “bite-y” overdrive, and loves the Arrows clean boost. “It just makes anything sound better. It boosts it but it gives it more definition, kind of love having it on all the time,” says Carmen. She's also using the Sea Machine chorus and Afterneath otherworldly reverb on her board.

she's cool looking, sort of reminds me of david bowie from far away, but every time they do a close up i find myself wishing her features were sharper and not so round and blunt.
Legendary? Morrissey is right. They do just throw these words out carelessly. I don’t think she’s quite legendary. She may be good, but let’s not blow it out of proportion.

Here's what a real legendary guitarist looks and sounds like...

Take notes jesse!
Who is this dude?
Who ever he is, he's on the right show "BORED to Death".

I agree with johnny marr is sh*t
Must be a slow news day.
like her,can see why M picked her.alain and bozz have done these videos over the years,that sea pedal was so dreamy could listen to it all day.
She has a cute way of talking but it also sort of reminds me of the annoying broad from the man who fell to earth. What kind of an accent is that?
the devil in your picture isnt going to get too far when the other person still has his drawers on,maybe there is a hole at the back for easier access,filthy beast.

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