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Vinyl Sales

Morrissey's 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' and 'First Of The Gang To Die' have been certified as silver discs in the UK, each selling over 60,000 copies.

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EDILS 7" was last available to purchase physically on vinyl 13 years ago.
FOTGTD 7" was 19 years.
I have both on cd-single.
I wonder if any sales numbers for these are to be found anywhere.

How many of Morrissey's or Smiths' singles have been certified?
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MorrisseyFirst Of The Gang To DieSanctuary Silver Single17.03.202314.11.2004
MorrisseyEveryday Is Like SundayRhino Silver Single17.03.202314.11.2004
MorrisseyGreatest HitsDecca Gold Album24.07.201511.02.2008
MorrisseyThe Best Of - SuedeheadParlophone Gold Album22.07.201308.09.1997
MorrisseyGreatest HitsDecca Silver Album22.07.201311.02.2008
MorrisseyYears Of RefusalDecca Silver Album22.07.201316.02.2009
MorrisseyWho Put The M In ManchesterAttack Gold Video22.07.201304.04.2005
MorrisseyRingleader Of The TormentorsAttack Silver Album12.05.200603.04.2006
MorrisseyRingleader Of The TormentorsAttack Gold Album12.05.200603.04.2006
MorrisseyYou Are The QuarrySanctuary Records PlatinumAlbum01.10.200417.05.2004
MorrisseyYou Are The QuarrySanctuary Records Silver Album11.06.200417.05.2004
MorrisseyYou Are The QuarrySanctuary Records Gold Album11.06.200417.05.2004
MorrisseySouthpaw GrammerRca Silver Album01.09.199528.08.1995
MorrisseyVauxhall And IParlophone Gold Album01.05.199514.03.1994
MorrisseyVauxhall And IParlophone Silver Album01.03.199414.03.1994
MorrisseyKill UncleParlophone Silver Album01.03.199121.03.1991
MorrisseyBona DragHmv Silver Album23.10.199015.10.1990
MorrisseyViva HateHmv Silver Album01.03.198814.03.1988
MorrisseyViva HateHmv Gold Album01.03.198814.03.1988
From the BPI website.
Smiths have 2 platinum singles and 6 platinum albums

SmithsThere Is A Light That Never Goes OutWarner Records PlatinumSingle29.10.202119.12.2004
SmithsThis Charming ManWarner Records PlatinumSingle06.12.201914.11.2004
SmithsThe Sound OfRhino PlatinumAlbum08.11.201310.11.2008
SmithsThe Complete PictureWarner Music Entertainment PlatinumVideo22.07.201301.05.2000
SmithsThe Very Best OfWea PlatinumAlbum22.07.201304.06.2001
SmithsThe Queen Is DeadWea PlatinumAlbum22.07.201326.03.2012
SmithsSinglesWea PlatinumAlbum16.05.200320.02.1995
SmithsHatful Of HollowRough Trade PlatinumAlbum12.10.198716.11.1984
Anyone know how to fix reference number 13 on the morrissey discography on Wikipedia? The links in it don't work to get to BPI website.
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