Vienna - 11/07/2009


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Bootleg news:

* Vienna should be up tonight and Prague should be up tomorrow. Sorry for this delay.
* There is a problem with a Prague bootleg - batteries died during The Loop, so it doesn't contain 1) The Loop, 2) I'm OK By Myself, 3) First Of The Gang To Die. Also, as I wrote in Prague-thread, the quality is really average because we were too close to the stage.

That's it for now, 'no further information required' ;)


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OK, Vienna is up and can be downloaded


This bootleg was made by Louder Than Bootlegs (slejw & yoko) and friends (martuśka-jarmila & karola).

If everything goes right, Prague should be up in the morning :)


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Many many thanks in advance..My ears were truly ringing after this gig.
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